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Courtney Hall, MSW, CD(DONA)

Owner of Bump.Baby.Bliss.

Celebrate your femininity and power with waist beads. I wanted to offer something for ALL women, especially pregnant women to embrace our bodies. My waist beads are designed to adorn your waist and hips at all times. Waist beads liberate women by promoting healing, spirituality, personal power, balance, body shaping and more. Pregnant ladies, understanding no pregnancy is the same and no postpartum body is the same; our bodies are always changing. I want women to be able to look at their pregnant body with the sense of joy and confidence.

I want women to be able to look at their postpartum body and feel beautiful; knowing that everything stems from our bodies, we create and house little ones. Each strand is handcrafted with a personal touch and love.

Here are a few things you can use your waist beads for:


Weight Management

Womb Awareness Empowerment/Healing/Meditation 


Color Vibes


Please visit for more details and history of waist beads.

Adorn your waist and LOVE your body more!

Available for purchase also through, Instagram & FB page.

Material: 100% Stretch Cord 

Color: varies

Print: different designs

Fit:can be relaxed, fitted or stretched

Care Tips:

All waist beads can be left on permanently or removed over the smallest part of your body CAREFULLY with help. Each strand is made with stretch cord and sealed together.

It is safe to keep on while showering, bathing, & swimming. Please rinse immediately after entering pool and beach water. Remember to always handle gently when removing clothes on and off.